Fire Chips

Fire Chips

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I've tried many chips in Japan that claim to be "HOT" or "SPICY" but these are the first chips that I've tasted in 30 years that actually live up to that claim. There aren't so HOT that your eyes will be watering, but they are absolutely delicious if you are like spicy food.


  • 原材料:乾燥じゃがいも(遺伝子組換えでない)、パーム油、風味調味料(食塩、砂糖、香辛料、ぶどう糖、酵母エキス、たん白加水分解物(大豆を含む))、砂糖、食塩/増粘剤(加工デンプン)、乳化剤、香料(大豆由来)、調味料(アミノ酸等)、微粒二酸化ケイ素、着色料(カロチノイド、カラメル)
  • 内容量:110g
  • カロリー:100g当たり エネルギー・・・502kcaL
  • 商品サイズ(高さx奥行x幅):21.5cm×22cm×15cm


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