Do to unforeseen circumstances coupled with shipping restrictions related to COVID, our small business has been hit hard and we are struggling to stay afloat! This has had a devastating effect on both our photography and clothing businesses. We’ve put EVERYTHING we have into SPTMBR. and we now risk the possibility of losing it all.


We would like to reach out to YOU our community of family & friends whom have told us how much you “love and respect what we are doing”, to take up donations to keep the SPTMBR. vision alive. We would like to raise $100,000 to launch a new line of clothing under the SPTMBR. umbrella we affectionately call “BE LOVE“ [B🖤]. It will feature T-shirts and goods with beautiful artwork from talented designers, photographers, painters and other artists.


Below is one of the first beautiful designs we are in talks to commission from one of our favorite fine art photographers.





You can donate as little as ¥2,000 that’s roughly $20USD. That’s it. That’s Barely more than a cup of Starbucks coffee. And you’d be supporting a great vision as we have so much in store for SPTMBR.’s future. We just found a large clothing manufacturer willing to work with us and this opens up a whole new door of possibilities.


Besides, imagine when SPTMBR. finally becomes a huge worldwide clothing brand; you can brag that YOU were one of the people to help make that happen.


"Be the love you wish to see in the world".   [B🖤]






You can make your donations on our crowdfunding page here:

SPTMBR. Crowdfunding



Or directly to our bank account here:

有限会社 EMERGE(イマージュ)



店番号: 952

普通口座: 0156710



Mitsui Sumitomo Bank

Center-Minami Branch  

Branch Number: 952

Regular Savings: 0156710


*We are also looking into setting up a PayPal account for those of you who would honor us with your contribution.